Care Guide For Your Leather Jacket

Leather Jackets constantly rank high when it comes to the fashion craze. They are bit costly but if kept with care you can wear them for many years to come. Because of their premium quality they don’t fade or torn easily. Care is an essential part of to make your Leather Jacket long lasting. Since world war II to this century and more to come Leather Jackets will be in demand. You might be owning one or more than it but we are sure that it is the part of your closet. So let’s learn with us to make your Leather Jacket stays longer with you. It’s a easy breezy process with few simple steps.
Read precautions carefully
When you buy Leather Jacket don’t forget to read the care instructions given inside. Every individual jacket require care depending on the type of leather and its characteristics. It is mentioned on the tag labelled inside the leather jacket that how to wash or clean it to make it shiny and smooth again when it gets dirty or dusty.
Keep your Leather Jacket in a dry place
Make sure to keep your leather jacket in a dry and cool place preventing it from heat and water. Although it can resist mild rain but wearing it in heavy rain can destroy your leather jacket. So avoid wearing it when it’s raining cats and dogs outside.
Hang your Leather Jacket properly
Don’t put your leather jacket roughly. Hang it on a wooden or padded hanger to maintain its exclusiveness along with iron. Nylon bag will work even more better to keep it safe against dust. Showcase your wardrobe by hanging your leather jacket in style. Wear it, Glam up and keep it back safely!
Apply a Leather Conditioner
For better result of cleaning, conditioner works well. Get some high quality leather conditioner to prolong the life of your leather jacket. Naturally, leather lose it’s moisture to retain it back conditioning is the best idea. Either you can buy conditioner in spray form or in a liquid form. Gently apply conditioner to your leather jacket and wipe it with clean and soft piece of cloth.
Sweep with Saddle Soap
Saddle soap not only on leather jacket but on every leather product it works miraculously. If you have worn your leather jacket in a windy atmosphere or kept it unpacked for a long time and it has become immense dirty then nothing could be better than the saddle soap. For minor cleaning conditioners are perfect but in case of extensive cleaning saddle soaps are amazing.
Just take two damp cloth, take bit of saddle soap avoiding taking much as it will create mess and put on one of the damp cloth on the lather and move it all over the jacket then wipe it with another piece of damp cloth. Your jacket will be all clean and free from stains.
Use Leather Polish
Leather Polish is great to add an extra shine to your leather jacket. Polish has nothing much to do with removing the dust and dirt. It will enhance the look of your leather jacket by making it shiny and glamorous. Before buying polish read out the instructions written on it and grab the most suitable one that can make your old jacket completely new.
Professional Cleaning
Above steps are very easy to be done by yourself without hassling for dry cleaners. Still if you are not enough expert to clean at home then get your leather jacket cleaned by professionals. We understand that leather jackets are valuable and you might be stressed and not ready to take any risk. If your jacket has become brittle, color has faded or it reflects cracks and stains then in such scenario it’s good to sent leather jacket to dry cleaner. With professional cleaning it will be back to its original look.
Once or twice a year dispatch your leather jacket to the best dry cleaner of the town so that you can wear it for many year to come.
We are sure that if you master these tricks sharply it will be very easy for you to take care of your Leather Jacket.

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